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Industry Leaders Share Innovation Strategies at OSIsoft Users Conference

2010 marks the 30th anniversary of OSIsoft. OSIsoft was founded with the idea that process data is the key to process performance and improvement. Our customers quickly demonstrated the importance of process data is much greater—it is clearly mission critical, drives overall business performance and fosters innovation.

This Year in San Francisco

  • BUSINESS CHALLENGES: Businesses today need to deliver higher quality products for less cost while being socially responsible and facing increased compliance pressures. On the agenda for OSIsoft Users Conference 2010 we have four customer keynotes from four industries sharing how they use data to meet these challenges.

  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Technology is an enabler for gaining insight into operational and business performance. Business Intelligence vendors are making their products easier to use and more accessible. Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics use data from the enterprise to drive innovation at increasingly faster rates. This year, Microsoft will share their strategy to bring Business Intelligence and Analytics to everyone in your organization.

  • OSISOFT: The OSIsoft Users Conference allows OSIsoft to keep in touch with our customers and allows our customers to keep in touch with OSIsoft. Pat Kennedy, CEO and Founder, will share his insights on the latest business forces; Bernard Morneau, President will update you on company direction and strategy.

Eight Reasons to Attend OSIsoft Users Conference 2010

Dr. J Patrick Kennedy - OSIsoft Klaus Heimann - SAP
Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy Klaus Heimann
  #1. Opening Keynote:
Sustainability and Efficiency through Advanced Business Integration.

Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy—CEO and Founder, OSIsoft
Klaus Heimann—Sr. Vice President, SAP

Pat Kennedy will open by discussing the importance of innovation to increase efficiency and sustainability, and Klaus will describe the importance of integrating real-time data and business applications ... continue
John Schlitt - Nalco Craig Hodges - Microsoft
John Schlitt Craig Hodges
  #2. Customer Keynote:
Delivering Real-time Performance with Microsoft Business Intelligence.

John Schlitt—Business Manager, Global Automation COE, Nalco
Craig Hodges—General Manager Manufacturing and Resources, Microsoft

Nalco sells chemicals but delivers performance and reliability. Using advanced data analyses in real-time, Nalco recommends optimum chemical compositions to their customers. Microsoft's Business Intelligence platform is an important component of Nalco's innovation ... continue
Alcoa #3. Customer Keynote:
Industrial Scale Demand Response

Brian Helms—Power Markets Coordinator, Alcoa

Demand Response is a smart grid strategy to manage electrical energy transmission and distribution congestion. It may come to your house in the future; for Alcoa it has been reality since 2005 ... continue

#4. Customer Keynotes:
Climate and Renewables
- Uwe Fischer—CIO E.On
High Value Services - Bhavin Vyas—Caterpillar

Uwe Fischer will discuss the IT challenges of renewable power generation and how the PI System helps E.On meet their business goals. Bhavin Vyas will share with us how Caterpillar is delivering high value services ... continue

Following the keynotes, get a complete update on OSIsoft, the company and the products.

Bernard Morneau—President, OSIsoft
Bernard Morneau
  #5. President Keynote:
OSIsoft: The Living Company
Bernard Morneau—President, OSIsoft

2010 marks OSIsoft's 30th anniversary. Through a review of the state of the company, Bernard will discuss what makes OSIsoft and the PI System users' community such a long standing alliance ... continue
OSIsoft UC Highlight   #6. Engineering and Product Management: New PI Server Launch, and More

OSIsoft will launch PI System 2010 at this year's UC. PI System 2010 is about consistency, simplification and value ... continue
Product Expo #7. OSIsoft Product Exposition

OSIsoft developers and product managers are available for 9 hours over two sessions for product demonstrations and questions ... continue
User Presentation   #8. And Best of All...PI System Users' Presentations

The highlight of all UCs is the users' presentations. It is a Users Conference, after all, and without users' rich participation it would not be much of a conference. We have more than 30 talks ... continue

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Dates and Location:

        Welcome reception Monday, April 26, 2010
        Conference Tuesday, April 27 - Wednesday, April 28, 2010

        Hilton San Francisco Union Square
        333 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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