Emerging Therapy Solutions® (ETS) Announces Launch of New “Programs of Experience” for CAR-T Designation


ETS Has Identified 42 US Healthcare Provider Programs for Its New Programs of Experience for CAR-T Designation, Now Available


For those facing the need for treatment that could include bone marrow transplant or chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy, the decisions for where and how to be treated are critical. ETS has addressed this need through the creation of ETS Programs of Experience for CAR-T – a new designation that identifies providers that excel at bone marrow transplants (BMT) and have experience in administering CAR-T therapies. Not all manufacturer-authorized CAR-T treatment centers have the same amount of experience with administering CAR-T therapies.

According to Marnie Bute, RN and ETS VP, Medical Services, “Ideally, payers need to think about how their members can receive the best care possible for their situation – even if it means choosing a center that is not the closest or the most obvious choice. Our Programs of Experience for CAR-T designation was created in collaboration with national CAR-T experts to help payers choose centers that can evaluate patients for either treatment option – BMT or CAR-T – and that have a meaningful difference in experience with the potential for cost-savings.”

Why Programs of Experience Matter

In general, medical programs that have administered a treatment more frequently should result in more experienced care teams leading to continuity of care, potentially better outcomes with higher survival rates and fewer complications, greater experience with and preparation for handling complications and side-effects, minimized inpatient stays, and predictable costs with established contracted rates. Though these results are never guaranteed, pursuing these aims can benefit the member, the payer and the provider.

Member Care Considerations for Payers

Payers play an important role in helping members receive optimal care for the best value for complex, high-cost conditions. For payers, new treatments such as CAR-T and the new ETS Programs of Experience for CAR-T designation provide the opportunity to review current plan design to:

  • Support choosing a Programs of Experience designated medical center
  • Align deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance
  • Include travel and lodging costs in the benefit set when using a designated provider

How can you access the ETS Programs of Experience for CAR-T provider listing?

Call ETS Clinical Consultants at 877.445.4822 or email ETS at medicalservices@emergingtherapies.com to schedule an overview. ETS clients with access to our secure referral and contracting client portal already have 24/7 online access to the ETS Programs of Experience for CAR-T providers and rates.

To learn more, please contact ETS Today!
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