Organ & Tissue Transplant Coverage

For more than 45 years, Tokio Marine HCC – Stop Loss Group (TMHCC) has been leading the way in medical stop loss insurance, but did you know that TMHCC also offers a solution for self-funded employers for their organ and tissue transplant coverage? By providing a fully-insured policy in conjunction with the employer sponsored health plan, TMHCC enables employers to shift covered transplant services to a fully-insured arrangement, providing a superior cost saving solution.



Organ and tissue transplants are life-saving procedures that are very costly. Evaluation expenses alone are a significant cost, and long wait times can lead to individuals being lasered on their stop loss renewal. TMHCC’s organ transplant policy helps mitigate these catastrophic medical expenses for self-insured plans and their members.

We know you may have questions so we have you covered. Be sure to read our Group Organ Transplant Insurance Frequently Asked Questions, visit our website’s Organ Transplant page or contact your Regional Marketing Representative.  


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