HCC Life Insurance Company (dba TMHCC) understands Organized Labor is an influential purchaser of healthcare products and services. That is why we have a dedicated Taft-Hartley team to provide a focused approach to stop loss insurance and Taft-Hartley plans.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to create concern and uncertainty within the Taft-Hartley market, we at HCC Life are standing by our motto of being a “Good Company.” We know our stop loss policyholders and their advisors are exploring ways of keeping plan participants safe and providing them with coverage options that may be outside their normal suite of benefits.

HCC Life is honoring the following actions for our Taft-Hartley Funds in response to the virus:



1. Waiver of deductibles, co-pays and cost sharing on covered participants for COVID-19 testing - We will allow these costs to apply under the stop loss coverage. No prior notification to HCC Life is required.

2. Waiver of cost sharing for virtual visits or telemedicine - We will allow these costs to apply under the stop loss coverage. No prior notification to HCC Life is required.

3. Early refills of medication to ensure participants have a 30-day supply - We will allow these additional costs to apply under the stop loss coverage. No prior notification to HCC Life is required.


4. Determination of who is actively at work and covered under the plan was to be made by the Fund, including determination for members who have been furloughed or received reduced hours while still considered eligible for the purposes of plan coverage.

5. Allowed retroactive changes that kept the currently covered members on the plan for as long as members were included in the census and the applicable stop loss and organ transplant premiums were paid.

Value Added Services for our Taft-Hartley Members

Organ Transplant Coverage – By providing a fully-insured policy in conjunction with the Funds sponsored plan, HCC Life enables the Fund to shift covered transplant services to a fully-insured arrangement, providing a superior cost saving solution.

Cell and Gene Therapy – As costs continue to escalate at alarming rates for cell and gene therapies, HCC Life offers a solution to manage these high cost events. We have partnered with Emerging Therapy Solutions (ETS) for best-in-class service to positively impact the plan and member.

Managing Renal Dialysis – Through our partnership with Specialty Care Management (SCM), we are providing access to a National network of pre-negotiated rates to manage Renal Dialysis.



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