Step Down Deductible

Earlier this year, Tokio Marine HCC – Stop Loss Group (TMHCC) released a much-needed product solution for gene therapy treatments that benefits our policyholders through a step down deductible. We want to thank you for the 400+ business partners that attended our webinar announcing the rollout of this product offering. If you missed it, you can view a recording of it here.

As a recap, TMHCC partnered with Emerging Therapy Solutions (ETS) to offer a solution for managing the high costs of cell and gene therapy treatments. Through implementation of the suggested Plan Document language provided by ETS, TMHCC stop loss policyholders will receive a 10% reduction in the specific deductible for the patient receiving gene therapy through an ETS program. The 10% step down deductible has a minimum of $15,000 and a maximum of $50,000, making the percentage more than 10% for groups with specific deductibles under $150,000. TMHCC will also cover the ETS access fee for utilizing their services.

Please refer to TMHCC's Best Practices in Cell & Gene Therapy for details on how the step down deductible can save your clients' money on gene therapy treatments.

Contact your regional marketing representative to learn more on how TMHCC’s partnership with ETS can positively impact your clients’ healthcare plans.



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